What is the SELC?

The mission of The Structural Engineering Licensure Coalition (SELC) is to serve as a united voice for the structural engineering profession for the promotion of structural engineering licensure.

The SELC includes all major organizations specifically representing structural engineers throughout the United States and is dedicated to a common position in support of structural engineering licensure nationwide. SELC is comprised of the following organizations:

Structural Engineering Institute (SEI)

The Structural Engineering Institute is a vibrant community of more than 25,000 structural engineers within the American Society of Civil Engineers. SEI started on  October 1, 1996, in order to serve the unique needs of the structural engineering community while influencing change on broader issues that shape the entire civil engineering community.

National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA)

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations was formed to constantly improve the level of standard of practice of the structural engineering profession throughout the United States, and to provide an identifiable resource for those needing communication with the profession.

Council of Structural Engineers (CASE)

CASE is a national association of structural engineering firms. It provides a forum for action to improve the quality of structural engineering through enhancement of business practices, decreased professional liability exposure and increased profitability.