Steering Committee Governing Rules

SELC Membership

The Structural Engineering Licensure Coalition (SELC) is a partnership of the three national Structural Engineering professional organizations: Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), and Coalition of American Structural Engineers (CASE) of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). SELC is the united voice of these organizations dedicated to establishing and promoting a common position on structural engineering licensure and working towards implementation in all jurisdictions.

The Steering Committee (Committee) of the SELC shall consist of a total of a minimum of eight representatives of the three participating organizations: SEI, NCSEA, and CASE. NCSEA and SEI shall provide three representatives and CASE shall provide two representatives. A primary representative from each professional organization shall be appointed to SELC from their governing board. These members shall serve a term of not less than two years on the Committee. It is the responsibility of the SELC representatives to report back to their respective governing bodies.

Second and third representatives shall be selected and identified by each professional organization as applicable. They shall have knowledge of that organization’s relevant activities and be able to act for the organization in absence of the primary representative. The term for these representatives shall not be less than two years. The terms of the second and/or third representatives shall expire in alternating years as determined by the organization.

The length of the term for each representative shall be at the discretion of the represented organization providing the term meets the two-year obligation noted above. All representatives shall be licensed to practice structural engineering (P.E. or S.E.) in at least one United States jurisdiction. SELC shall be informed of any change in an organization’s representatives at least two months in advance of the change.

SELC Leadership

The leadership officer positions shall rotate between SEI and NCSEA, with no one organization filling all positions in one term. Should an organization decline to fill the leadership position, the position shall default to the other organization. Each organization, in its turn, shall allow one of their representatives to fill and assume the responsibilities of the assigned leadership position. CASE will not be in the leadership rotation.

Should an officer be unable to complete their term, the position shall be filled by one of the other two representative from that organization as determined by the parent organization. If both other representatives are unable or unwilling to fill the term, then the leadership shall pass to the other professional organization.

Leadership officer positions for the Committee shall include Chair and Vice Chair/Financial Officer. Each position shall be for a term of two years beginning January 1st. A representative shall be chosen by each organization to fill their respective position as appropriate. The chosen representative shall be able to serve the two‐year term. The representative to assume each position shall be assigned no later than the fall SELC meeting of the appropriate year. The incoming officer shall work with his/her predecessor following the yearly fall meeting in the transition of information for the position to allow for a smooth transition and continuation of Committee activities. The Chair position shall be filled by a representative who has a minimum of one‐year experience on the Committee.

The Chair shall be responsible for the following:

  • Keeping the Committee on task and ensuring activities are in line with the goals and missions of the SELC;
  • Being the lead spokesperson for the Committee in all communication outside of the structural engineering community;
  • Planning and arranging, with the help of the Administrative Assistant (as defined below), for face‐to‐ face meetings and conference calls;
  • Developing the agenda for each meeting and conference call;
  • Leading each meeting and conference call;
  • Following up on assigned action items and tasks; and
  • Other duties as may be necessary to represent the SELC.

The Vice Chair shall be responsible for the following:

  • Leading meetings and conference calls in the absence of the Chair;
  • Monitoring the progress of assigned tasks and securing assistance as needed.
  • Developing and maintaining the website’s content (along with the Administrative Assistant responsible for operations, execution, and maintenance of the website); and
  • Other duties as may be necessary to represent the SELC.

The Financial Officer duties shall be fulfilled by the Vice Chair and shall include the following responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and monitoring of activities which require funding for the Committee;
  • Communicating with the participating organizations on the need for funding and relevant information.
  • Assisting the Committee in allocating funds, paying for the activities, and invoicing the other organizations.
  • And other duties as may be necessary to represent the SELC.

Administrative assistance shall be provided by the staff of NCSEA and SEI, sharing the duties as outlined below.

NCSEA staff will be responsible for logistics, and record keeping and shall be responsible for the following:

  • Executing the logistics of meetings and conference calls (meeting rooms, dial‐in numbers, etc.);
  • Working with Summit/Congress organizers and Committee to set up the face-to-face meetings during these annual events;
  • Participating in meetings, conference calls and other SELC activities;
  • Drafting and distributing internal communication, including agendas, meeting minutes, and other internal correspondence, to the Committee;
  • Maintaining records and documents; and
  • Other administrative tasks as needed.

SEI staff will be responsible for the SELC website and SEI Collaborate site and shall be responsible for the following:

  • Working with the Vice Chair and the Committee in the maintenance and regular updates to the website.
  • Assisting with developing and monitoring a calendar of articles and submissions to the SELC website;
  • Working with ASCE to ensure Committee has access to Collaborate (higher logic site);
  • Setting up and maintaining organizational structure of Collaborate, monitoring use, and performing periodic clean up;
  • Informing Committee as new material is available for review in Collaborate; and
  • Other duties as may be necessary to manage the website and Collaborate site.

As liaisons of the primary structural engineering organizations, the representatives to the SELC Committee are encouraged to utilize the support and assistance of their respective organization’s staff and committees, as applicable, in the completion of their duties and responsibilities.

Meetings of the SELC

The Committee shall strive to conduct a minimum of two face‐to‐face meetings per year. Quorum consists of a representative from all 3 organizations and at least 5 representatives. These meetings shall be in conjunction with the annual SEI Structures Congress in the spring and the NCSEA Annual Summit in the fall. Arrangements for the meetings shall utilize the economies of the larger conference whenever possible.

The Committee shall meet by conference call between the face‐to‐face meetings a minimum of four times each year to ensure the continued activity of the SELC. Other meetings and calls of the Committee shall be as needed to conduct business and further the goals and missions of the SELC.

Voting shall be by representatives present, one vote per person.

Financial Support of SELC

The financial support for the representatives to attend the meetings and activities of the SELC Committee, along with their assumed duties and tasks, shall be the responsibility of each represented organization.

To fund the shared activities of the Committee, each represented organization shall provide funding that is agreed upon based on the anticipated activities for the upcoming year. At the fall meeting, the Financial Officer shall present a list of potential activities that may require funding, and work with the Committee to determine the requested amount for the upcoming year. The funds to support SELC activities will remain with each represented organization. As required the Financial Officer will pay for the approved activities and invoice the represented organizations. Any financial decisions shall be unanimously approved by all three organizations.


Member organizations participate in the SELC at will. Upon a majority vote of the supporting organizations, the SELC can be dissolved.

Governing Rules developed August 2013
Governing Rules updated May 2017
Governing Rules updated January 2019
Governing Rules updated January 2022